We sat down with ENO athlete and inspirational female climber, Molly Mitchell, to hear her adventures filled with first ascents, redpoints, and how she deals with being so awesome! This is her story: Q1: Tell us a little bit about who you are and your background: I am 22 years old. I am a rock climber, currently based out of Boulder, CO. I have been climbing for almost 6 years. I started climbing in gyms, and I quickly became a boulderer and sport climber outside. In March 2015,  I began to focus all of my energy on Traditional Climbing, which involves placing my own gear and trusting it as I climb. Traditional Climbing, or Trad Climbing, is the culmination of everything I am passionate about in climbing. Trad climbing clicks with me – it allows me to test myself on hard routes that can also be very scary. I love to test myself on climbs that not many people (or no one at all) have done before.The fear factor in climbing is something that inspires me immensely. Whether it be fear of failure or fear of getting hurt – my favorite thing about climbing is learning how to deal with all the...

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