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Tomorrow is a big day in the world of college football. 13 straight hours of nothing but games, excitement and heckling – it’s every sports fan’s dream come true! And with great heckling comes great tailgating. What better excuse is there to cook tasty food, hang out with friends, watch your favorite team (hopefully) kick some booty and get a little rowdy? Oftentimes the pre-game is even more fun than the actual game, so don’t be afraid to go all out! Light up the grill, don your favorite player’s jersey, consider painting your face and whip up a batch of those little cocktail weenies (even though they’re cooked in grape jelly). And don’t forget these essentials… 1. A good sound system.  How else are you going to properly blast The Final Countdown and Eye of the Tiger, all the while bouncing around like Rocky on the art museum steps? Nothing pumps you up like good, strong, make-your-eardrums-bleed music. When your car tires start shaking the ground, you know the music is almost loud enough to send you off into battle. 2. A properly packed cooler.  Line the bottom of the cooler with your pre-chilled canned and bottled drinks and then cover...

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