When you begin looking into bags to fit your adventure, you will quickly find out how many options are on the market and how many variations of nearly the same bag there are. While each has some unique quality that makes it different, there are multiple classes of packs that can be categorized together to make your search slightly easier.
So you’ve decided to embark on the vacation of a lifetime. You’re set on testing your determination as well as your wilderness survival skills and you plan on doing so together with your family. That’s great! Living in today’s concrete jungles will have any city-dweller seeking a vacation that ensures a rush of adrenaline and a survival vacation is the perfect choice. Think about it: there are basic survival skills that you’ll need, but you’ll be that much better off after having mastered them. The question is, how do you know which skills you need to master before booking such a vacation, and most importantly, what is it that you should have in your backpack before departing? This guide will answer both questions, so read on through!   Need-to-Have Survival Gear: Wilderness Survival Checklist A wilderness survival vacation is a unique experience that you can take part in together with your family. It’s fun and educational and can generate powerful bonds between you and the members of your family. Nevertheless, such a vacation does come with a number of hazards that can turn a great idea into a very bad memory. That’s why you and your family members will have...
Courtesy of Melissa WallerThe first year of college was my first time being on my own and knowing nobody. It was a difficult experience and homesickness was real. I am now on my third semester, have been able to compare this semester to the last two, and realized they have been drastically different. College is hard enough on its own, but there are a few things that help me though. I hope these gear items help you as much as they helped me improve my college experience!   1. Chacos (Complete with cozy socks) How can I even begin to describe the comfort and joy I find when wearing my Chacos? They are probably the most practical shoes I, as a college student, have ever purchased. Just slip them on to go to class, to the airport, on a hike, to a sporting event (I love them for football or basketball games), or even when the intramural field floods! I seriously love these shoes. I have worn my red-footed, ZX/2 Yampa Fiesta Chacos on so many different occasions and in all sorts of weather (Sockos are the best). So get yourself a pair of v-toe socks and rock them this winter! Strutting your...

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