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Well ladies and gents, Thanksgiving has officially come and gone, and the sounds of Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs will soon be ringing in our ears in shopping malls and grocery stores alike. And while this means we all will be loosening our belts a notch or two thanks to those mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner, it also means we have to start looking forward and prepping for what’s to come: holiday shopping. If you’re anything like me, the hardest people to shop for always seem to be those practical, outdoorsy friends and family. It seems like they always either already own it, or don’t want it, regardless of what “it” is. To try and help this process along, I present to you: a list of perfect holiday gifts for the outdoors-person in your life. Guy or girl, here are some items that any true outdoorsman or woman will love this holiday season.   1. Let’s start with the obvious, ENO gear Whether they already have a hammock or not, you can never have enough accessories or upgrades. Get them a Vulcan Underquilt to prep for the frosty winter months to come, or invest in a Guardian Bug Net to...

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