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Backpacking with dogsEveryone has their own preference when it comes to backpacking, some people love to go ultralight, some are more in it for comfort, and others want practical. For backpacking with a dog, being prepared without over packing is my main goal. Below, I have my list of items I consider essentials and would never leave the house without when backpacking with my dog Goose. 1.) Dog backpack I am aware not all dogs can carry a backpack either for size or age of the dog, but if your dog is healthy enough then I say take advantage of it! If you don’t know if your dog is ready for a backpack I recommend taking them to your vet and asking your vet to conduct a physical exam to determine if they are physically ready to wear a backpack. Ok so your dog can wear a backpack that’s great, just remember to not dive right into a backpack full of dog gear remember training is key to keep your dog happy and healthy. Start with short hikes and lightweight in the backpack and slowly increase the weight to the target weight. A maximum of 25 percent of your dog’s body weight is a rough estimate. But...
Today Show and ENOCheck out the awesome gear on the Today Show‘s “Guys Tell All Gift Guide” by Men’s Health Magazine! Find out more about the featured DoubleNest LED and SoloPod Hammock Stand and become the best gift giver around!
Hey ENOpians! Still need a few last minute gift ideas for those empty stockings? Check out these DoubleNest ideas courtesy of a few of our ENO friends! suggests the ENO DoubleNest, citing positives such as super comfortable, easily packable and convenient setup! Uncooped also recommends the ENO DoubleNest, reminding followers, “Who doesn’t like a hammock?” Touché Uncooped! OpenAirLife touts the ENO DoubleNest on the basis that the hammock’s instant relaxation abilities and softball-sized stow-away size is perfect for all! Naturally, we also think all our ENO hammocks are super gift ideas! So click HERE to get one for you, your friend, or your favorite holiday elf!
Bonjour ENOpians! Aside from the holiday season being filled with shopping, eating, and all around merriness, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with those you love the most (apologies for the cheese). Well, although the myth goes men don’t care for cuddles, the Huffington Post says YES THEY DO! According to a recent article, researchers from the Kinsey Institute claim that men can be up to three times happier with extra love. Well, it just so happens we have the perfect hammock for holiday hugs! The DoubleDeluxe! The DoubleDeluxe is a whopping 8’4” wide and capable of holding a 400lb capacity. That’s plenty of room for you, your pal, AND your favorite puppy! Plus, it would make a pretty awesome Christmas prezzie. So share the love, make men happier, and get a DoubleDeluxe. Check out these ENOpians having togetherness time in their ENOs!

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