He likes roughing it. She prefers a working toilet. The only tech gear he needs is a handheld GPS and a solar-powered radio. She can’t fall asleep without the TV on. And the kids are an entirely different story. But everybody in the family loves to camp — it’s just finding that happy balance. The following is a guide to keep everyone in the family happy when taking a journey into nature. Find glampers holding hands with survivalists during this great compromise.   Choose Your Spot You’re setting the tone of the entire trip when you choose your location, so choose wisely. Find a campsite with spots that are a little further down the dirt trail, as they will be less crowded. People typically stop at the first campsite they see, so keep moving. If you can pitch the tent near a pretty stream or somewhere with an ocean view, it will add to the glamour of the trip. Be sure there’s a spot for the hammock. There’s nothing better than coming back to camp after a long day of hiking in the sun, kicking off your boots, and falling back into the ultimate relaxation station. The only problem is...

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