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It’s official my hammocking friends, the freeze is over!  Flowers are starting to bloom, baby bunnies are hopping through the clover, and the urge to be outside is irresistable…until that moment when you realize your backyard is totally overgrown and beyond your mower’s capabilities. It’s secretly been growing all season long, craving sunlight as you’ve been doing the same. What to do now? Well, there are multiple options… a).     You could cut the growth down yourself and risk death by poison ivy. b).     You could spray it with high octane Roundup and risk jeopardizing the entire ecosystem. c).      You could simply turn a blind eye and let your home be taken over like the set of I Am Legend Or….. d).      You can hire goats! Teams of goats can come to your house for a minimal fee to eat you essentially, out of house and home.  Goats eat literally EVERYTHING and can move through heavy brush must faster than you can say ENO!   Google and Davidson College have both hired goat teams to chew through their brush while supporting sustainable resources. Websites such as and even retail giant Amazon are jumping on board with...

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