The Atlas Suspension System has become a favorite among ENO staff and fans alike when it comes to relaxing in their hammock. It’s versatility, length, and tree friendly qualities make it a top choice when deciding how you’re going to hang. We love seeing the creativity of how and where ENOpians hammock. We’ve also noticed some varying tree-strapping techniques and wanted to send out a “memo,” if you will, to ensure that all of us are hanging as safe as possible. We just care about you guys! Please read below and share this information with your friends. In order for gear to last, it should be used correctly. All of us from ENO thank you!
Never wake up with your butt on the ground again Asheville, NC – Oct. 1, 2012 – Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), the original parachute hammock creator, unveils the Atlas*, the newest member of their Hammock Suspension System family and the first strap to be crafted from a tailor-made, non-stretch PolyFilament webbing. An update from the pioneering Slap Strap and Pro Strap, the Atlas boasts industry leading versatility and strength. “Stretching seemed to be one of the biggest problems with other hammock suspension systems, so we developed the Atlas to solve that problem,” said Peter Pinholster, co-owner and president of ENO. “The response, thus far, has been tremendous.” ENO took a new approach creating the Atlas, developing a custom webbing dovetailed to minimize stretching and maximize durability and safety. The strap also differs from its siblings in aesthetics – 30 combined adjustment points are arranged daisy chain style with central orange accent threads. Overall, the updated design and fresh construction technique gives the Atlas a tremendous tensile strength and improved usability that is unmatched by any other hammock suspension product on the market. “We constantly want to update and improve our product arsenal, and the creation of the recently patented Atlas was...

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