Hammocks have been on a huge “upswing” over the past few years, and for a good reason! Besides being comfortable, hammocks provide a multitude of health and practical benefits for those who use them. These benefits are listed in the following infographic by AphidWear with original artwork by The Ultimate Hang!
Christmas is only days away, and if a hammock was on your list, you’ll probably already be dreaming of where and when you’re going to hang in it. Here are a few suggestions for when the big day comes:   1) The Classic Everybody’s got to start somewhere right? There’s nothing better than a classic, between-the-trees hang. Whether you’re buckling down for a long study sesh, posting up to read a book, or just taking a snooze, this conveniently classic hang promises comfort and availability in just about any setting.   2) The One-Tree Wonder Finding a tree that stretches wide enough to hang your hammock between branches can be tricky, but it’s pretty neat to hang from two branches of the same tree. Keep in mind, the standard ENO is around nine feet long when you hang it, so try and find branches with space somewhere around that width. Also, be sure to double check the sturdiness of the branches you choose and keep them low to the ground – you don’t want to have your hang disrupted by dead branches cracking on you.   3) The Wrangler Having personally drooled over Jeep catalogs for years, I only wish I...

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