If someone says that after a long day of hiking when your ankles are swollen and every joint hurts, they are still not bothered by the annoying crawly pests and bugs buzzing around your head call him/her a liar then and there.
  Atlas was powerful enough to shoulder the weight of the world. Inspired by the legendary Titan, we created the Atlas Hammock Suspension System. Our Atlas Straps are feeling a little blue lately, but in a good way! Ever since we’ve debuted the Atlas Strap’s long and tough daisy-chain design they’ve boasted bright orange threads. Now that Spring has officially arrived, it’s out with the old and in with the new! Any day now we’ll be switching over to the new strap color. The new blue thread will help us know how old each Atlas Strap and we’ll change the color every year. What color do you want for our most popular tree strap next year!? So if you’re an Enopian-in-waiting….then you’re right on time because you’ll be the new kid on the block with the fresh blue Atlas Straps! The Atlas Strap is our favorite tree strap (shhh…don’t tell the others!) because of the length and versatility it offers. Agile but enduring, the Atlas Strap weighs a scant eleven ounces, yet boasts a whopping thirty combined adjustment points. Constructed from Poly-Filament webbing with overlapping attachment whorls, the Atlas Strap is the ultimate in hammock suspension. When the weight of your...
Hammock Etiquette for Music FestivalsI have good news with everyone. Music festival season is upon us! Thank goodness. Back to sunny days outside (with the occasional crazy festival storm) and the sweet sounds of loud live music. Now every festival veteran has their own essentials they swear by, and for many of them hammock and straps are on the top of the list. Now, unfortunately we have to have a little bit of an uncomfortable conversation here. Some people steal. Whether it’s because they’re arrogant, insecure, or just mean–it happens. Stealing is a negative emotion, which stems from fear. So let’s take a moment to rise above and feel sorry for these suckers. If you’ve ever had your hammock stolen at a music festival you understand how devastating it can be. And it’s totally messed up that is even happening on a regular basis. So after you get angry, curse like a pirate, and settle into the grief stage of acceptance let’s remember karma. It’s a real thing and doesn’t skip anyone. It’s sad, but you can’t just get up and go to the bathroom and 100% expect your hammock to be in the same spot when you return. Get a friend to watch it at the...
Congratulations to Lonnie McKenzie of  Perfect Wave Photography whose trippy tropical photo was picked as this month’s Photo Contest Winner! Lonnie’s lush pic was taken on the shores of a “super secret” beach in Hawaii. He wins $215 worth of ENO goodies of his choosing! Woo! Got a sweet hammock picture you want to share? Enter our photo contest for your chance to WIN too!!! REALLY want to win the photo contest? Check out our blog on tips for taking the ideal hammocking photograph.
So you’re snowed in. Your driveway is too slick to get your car out and conditions aren’t quite yet right for sledding. Don’t be so quick to grab the the chips and Netflix, there are still plenty of fun things to do inside with the added excitement of flurries piling up outside your window.   1. Build a Blanket Fort We’ve all done it when we were kids and I promise you, you’re never too old to make a blanket fort. (Warning: most of these ideas are messy, so just give into it now.) Tear up your living room, pull out those Twilights, and begin creating your fortress.   2. Hammock Indoors Hammock indoors people! With an Indoor Hanging Kit, it’s easy to make your ENO a part of your favorite room. Post up next to your favorite window and watch the snow fall from the comfort of your warm, dry hammock. It also makes for a great “guest bedroom” if you happened to have a few stragglers snowed in with you.   3. Make Hot Chocolate & Pancakes Now, this may seem very specific, but trust me. Hot chocolate and pancakes are definitely the way to go when it’s...
As many of you ENOpians know, we rolled out the HouseFly earlier this year–adding it to the rain fly family. In addition to added privacy, the HouseFly’s silicone impregnated nylon sides keep you warm, dry and comfortable.
Even though the days are getting longer, the nights are dark and lacking fun LEDs. Light up your evening with our re-designed Twilights! What’s new about this generation of Twilight Camp Lights?

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