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Thanks for saving the day! My friend Steve brought one of your hammocks on a recent backpacking trip up the Convict Creek trail near Mammoth Lakes. We didn’t get a chance to use the hammock for relaxation, but we were able to use it to rescue his dog. By the third day on rocky trails, Zooey, a 60 pound Jindo, had torn her paw pads (an issues she’s never had before) and was in too much pain to hike out the 7 miles and refused to walk. We were at a bit of a loss for how to get her out until Steve remembered your hammock. We rigged it to one of the backpacks and used it as a carrier for Zooey. It took a long time hiking out, trading off the dog every mile of fairly technical trail, but we all made it out safe. Though the hammock smells like dog, it held up pretty well through an unintended use. Our backs are sore from the awkward carry, but Zooey is healing up just fine. Thanks for the solid product! by Andrew Allport

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