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I found out about the Pinnacles National Park back in 2013 when it was officially declared the newest National Park in California (it had previously been a national monument) and I have wanted to visit ever since.
Hanging out in a hammock to my surprise brings new opportunities. I was on mine and was asked what kind of hammock I was in; they had only ever seen rope-hammocks. Needless to say, hanging up an ENO in a common area opens the opportunity for meeting new people and enjoying the moment.
What better way to celebrate than taking a day off and heading to the lake! Nothing puts the mind at ease quite like hammocking, grilled food, and a bit of yoga by a beautiful body of water.
Take a virtual trip to one of our favorite hammocking spots in our backcountry! Max Patch is a nearly bald mountain located on the North Carolina/Tennessee border right off the Appalachian Trail.
Whether you call them groundhogs, woodchucks, land beavers, or whistle pigs–every February 2nd these cute creatures have a big day. Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous groundhog, saw his shadow Sunday.
Even though the days are getting longer, the nights are dark and lacking fun LEDs. Light up your evening with our re-designed Twilights! What’s new about this generation of Twilight Camp Lights?
When you think hammock, you think ultimate relaxation. When you see a hammock, with its comfortable parachute material beckoning you in for a delightful snooze, it’s hard to say no. And though they’re pretty much universally known as a thing of relaxation greatness, there are some misconceptions about hammocks that we feel need to be debunked.

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