New, ‘How-To’ hammock set up video kicks off the first of what is hoped to be many more to come for the parachute hammock company. Taking their creative talents behind the lens, Eagles Nest Outfitters, the original parachute hammock creator, launch their first product ‘how-to’ video, detailing the set up of the ENO hammock and hammock suspension system.
Industry Rocking Modifications Asheville, N.C., Oct. 15, 2012 – ENO, the leading producer of parachute hammocks, unveils modifications to the 2013 DoubleNest, SingleNest and DoubleDeluxe Hammocks, calling attention to detail that make the already easy to use outdoor accessories even more accommodating. Aluminum wiregate carabiners, updated buckles and new cord locks highlight the 2013 face lift for the hammocks. These minor trim updates may seem small, but together make for big, innovative differences. Doing away with the older, heavier, steel carabiners used on the pioneering models, ENO introduces superior aluminum wiregate biners. The sleek, new design – complete with the ENO logo – not only pleases the eye, but also shaves off major weight; they are only one-quarter of the weight of their predecessor. In addition, the wiregate opening is free of sharp edges, reducing the chances of material damage. “We wanted to update the biners to make the hammocks lighter and deliver the highest quality product possible,” said Brendan Garvey, head designer at ENO. “We developed this biner specifically for us and our customers.” The updated hammocks also feature a redesigned buckle and cord lock, both parts of the opening mechanism. The new buckle, made from acetol, is stronger and sturdier, lessoning the frustrating possibility...
Just over a week ago, a group of brave hikers set out to rescue an injured German Shepherd deserted by its owners on the top of Mt. Bierstadt, CO. The dog, Missy, was discovered by a couple who, after trying unsuccessfully to rescue her themselves, took pictures and posted them on a hiking Web site – – urging people to help. Immediately the climbing community sprang into action, gathering up an eight man search party to bring the dog down to safety. This all happened just over a week ago, so you may have already read the details. But, did you know a hammock was used in the rescue? Photo courtesy of Chris O’Riley. And this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this either! From using ENOs as a barrier to stop runaway golf carts, to using them as a blanket to protect from hypothermia, there appears to be many uses to this relaxing accessory! Do you have a story to tell? We’d love to hear it! Email them to, or post them on our Facebook! We may even feature it in our newsletter Keep staying relaxed and saving lives y’all!
It’s March Madness! Yippee! But, before you pack up the cooler and apply the face paint, you should think about whether your trusty hammock matches up to your favorite college team’s colors. To help you out a little, here are a few examples of our college color hammocks! When you’ve found your school, just pop over to our Web site to look at them all! Good luck to you and your bracket   DH Black/Yellow Alabama State DH Charcoal/Royal Duke DH Navy/Royal UNC Asheville DH Orange/Grey University of Texas/ University of Tennessee DH Orange/Purple Clemson DH Patriot University of Pennsylvania DH Powder/Royal Chapel Hill DH Red/Charcoal University of Indianapolis/ Ohio State DH Yellow/Blue UCLA SN Black/Yellow/White Appalachian State
We’ve mentioned before that hammocks are beneficial to get a good, restful slumber, but in areas of South America, they are beneficial for so much more!
Featured on’s July 23, 2011 issue, “Travel.” Learn more about ENO’s DoubleNest Hammock HERE.
Featured in Urban Climber Magazine’s May 2011 issue, “Letter!” Learn more about our ENO DoubleNest Hammock HERE.
Featured in Backpacker Magazine’s April 2011, “Gear Guide.”   The ENO ProNest is now retired.  Looking for a lightweight hammock for your next hammock camping trip?  Check out the Sub6 Hammock. 

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