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Positivity and Perspective Growing up, my dad used to tell me ‘…train your brain to think positive thoughts instead of negative ones.’  Of course, being a teenager, I would let his advice go in one ear and right out the other! Guess what? It was actually a good suggestion. There is more than one way to view any situation you encounter.  It is vital as you enter each one, to challenge yourself to search for the positive. Your attitude is the most important aspect of your life; since it shapes all that you encounter. “Whatever happens to you belongs to you. Make it yours. Feed it to yourself even if it feels impossible to swallow. Let it nurture you, because it will.” –Cheryl Strayed   Meaningful Relationships Into the Wild, is a true story about a young man who gave up everything to go into the woods, alone. He strove to understand life’s meaning and redefine the true meaning of friendships and relationships. Christopher McCandless had it all, in terms of success in today’s world. He had two loving parents, a degree from Emory University and lots of money.  Unfortunately, for some reason his life was missing something. He took a venture into...
It seems these days everyone is working more, and trying to maintain a life that keeps them happy. The balance between the bills that need to be paid, and the lifestyle that keeps us happy in our own minds, can be a difficult one. If you are already working 60 hours a week, there is probably nothing more that you want to do at the end of the day then just shut down your mind and eat or sleep. But do you ever stop to think about whether you are actually happy? Have you ever taken the time to think about what you could change in your life to make you happier? I’d like to take the time to share a few things that I try my hardest to follow, that seem to be working for me.   1. Be yourself. Don’t let others dictate who you are. Follow your dreams, not your parents or your friends. This may be uncomfortable at first, but truly take the time to be who you want to be. Everyone in this world is different and people should always respect you for being yourself. I am not saying to walk into your job wearing your...
Our friends at the Hammock Initiative have done something pretty cool.  The group dedicated to “global chillout” through hammocking held a Sway Day on May 30, 2015.  Over 300 people came to Fargo’s Island Park in Fargo, North Dakota to join in on the hammocking fun!  Check out the video recap of the event here: Visual Manifesto of Sway from Hammock Initiative on Vimeo.
Bonjour ENOpians! Aside from the holiday season being filled with shopping, eating, and all around merriness, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with those you love the most (apologies for the cheese). Well, although the myth goes men don’t care for cuddles, the Huffington Post says YES THEY DO! According to a recent article, researchers from the Kinsey Institute claim that men can be up to three times happier with extra love. Well, it just so happens we have the perfect hammock for holiday hugs! The DoubleDeluxe! The DoubleDeluxe is a whopping 8’4” wide and capable of holding a 400lb capacity. That’s plenty of room for you, your pal, AND your favorite puppy! Plus, it would make a pretty awesome Christmas prezzie. So share the love, make men happier, and get a DoubleDeluxe. Check out these ENOpians having togetherness time in their ENOs!
Technically, summer is over. We just celebrated Labor Day weekend and won’t see another day off until Thanksgiving rolls around at the end of November. That’s three more months! As sickening as this sounds, it is also having a serious effect on the American workplace. According to the Hallup-Heathways Well-Being Index report, Americans “feel worse about their jobs – and work environments – than ever before,” causing a potential $300 billion loss in “lost productivity annually.” $300 billion? That’s a serious case of the Mondays! But there is a solution…and ENO can help you reach it! According to The New York Times, “Employees are far more likely to have new ideas on days when they feel happier.” Days like hiking in the mountains, picnicking by rivers and soaking up the great outdoors? We think so! And so do the Wall Street Journal. Researching Dr. Marc Berman, a post-doctoral researcher at Rotman Research institute in Toronto, WSJ suggest “a stroll in the park could do wonders…while downing coffee could leave (you) just as stressed and depleted as before the break.” So, ENO has a proposition for you. Grab your ENO Hammock, take it to the nearest park/yard/forest/riverbank/mountaintop, and lose yourself in...

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