1) Get with friends and family As a college student I cannot wait to spend time with my friends and family from home. Family is so important and maintaining solid relationships with those close to you is incredibly rewarding. Thanksgiving is such a great time to catch up and laugh with those you love. I am truly thankful for my family this year.   2) Eat as much as you can There is absolutely nothing like home cooking. I think I miss my moms cooking more than anything else from home. You can understand when I say that I will be physically stuffing my face with good food. And everyone always needs an excuse to eat way too much right? Mine this year is that I don’t get home cooking as much anymore but there are plenty of excuses, its thanksgiving!   3) Relax as much as you can Life is constant ups and downs, seasons of busyness and relaxation. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to relax; what better way to relax than in an ENO Hammock with an Atlas Hammock Suspension System? A DoubleDeluxe Hammock is perfect during times like Thanksgiving because you know that everyone is going to...
  Wishing you and yours the best this holiday season! Thanks for another great year!      

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