It’s no secret that ENOpian’s LOVE animals. I’m sure my pup is not the only one out their who joins me in my hammock. When one has a fierce love for the outdoors, often that translates to an appreciation for animals, namely everyone’s best friend–the dog. A lot of backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts have furry companions that join them on their outdoor adventures. However we know all too well that anything can happen on backcountry expeditions. Accidents happen because they are not foreseeable, but you can be prepared. Read on to learn about the main doggy-first-aid essentials so next time you and your best friend hit the trail, you’ll have the confidence to come to their rescue.   Tick Key If you happen to find one of these creepy crawly bloodsuckers sneaking up your leg, you’ll be glad you packed this for your pooch. These keys aid in actually removing the head of the tick–which if it’s left in can cause infection. It’s cheap and lightweight so there’s no excuse not to pick one of these up–especially if you’re hiking around in the southeast in the summer.   Saline Another item that be used on animals and humans alike. Saline...
Hi ENOpians! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy 5 parts turkey, 4 parts stuffing, 3 parts mashed ‘taters, 2 parts cranberry sauce and 1 BIG NAP! Have a great day y’all! We’re thankful for ALL OF YOU!
Hey ENOpians! Still need a few last minute gift ideas for those empty stockings? Check out these DoubleNest ideas courtesy of a few of our ENO friends! suggests the ENO DoubleNest, citing positives such as super comfortable, easily packable and convenient setup! Uncooped also recommends the ENO DoubleNest, reminding followers, “Who doesn’t like a hammock?” Touché Uncooped! OpenAirLife touts the ENO DoubleNest on the basis that the hammock’s instant relaxation abilities and softball-sized stow-away size is perfect for all! Naturally, we also think all our ENO hammocks are super gift ideas! So click HERE to get one for you, your friend, or your favorite holiday elf!
Happy World Animal Day! That’s right, today is a day to celebrate all our favorite furry, feathery and scaly friends! October 4th (today) was set aside as World Animal Day as it is the Feast Fay of St Francis of Assisi: the patron saint of animals.

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