The summer is a time for playing outside, eating outside and exploring outside. It’s hot, it’s sunny, and boy, can you get a good tan! But just because it feels awesome for you, it may not feel quite as pleasant for your furry, four-legged friend. In fact, the 90 degree heat that has you purring with delight sprawled out at your local, woodland water hole, might leave your hound dehydrated, burnt and bitten. Don’t fret though, there are many simple ways to minimize pet danger and maximize your fun without having to go easy on your summer plans. Here are a few of our suggestions… Vaccinate early – Before you are even think about which hike to throw yourself into on Memorial Day weekend, it’s worth making sure your pet is protected medically. Take them to the vet for a quick once over and make sure they’re checked for heart worms. Also, make sure you’re up to date on their preventative medication – think ticks, fleas, biting insects and heartworm. Ticks can be a pain -literally! – but a simple tick collar is super effective and remains in action for up to 90 days! Beat the heat – Dogs only...

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