Across the top of that mountain you’ll never forget, along the coastline during your honeymoon, senior trip or vacation, down the rocky trails and the paved ones—there is one thing that has more importance than even the photos you take along your journey.  The thing that gets you to these places: your shoes.  Preparing for past backpacking trips, I paid very little attention to my choice in the shoes I wore.  In my eyes, shoes were shoes and would get me from point A to point B—who cared about the brand, ratings, or other details. It wasn’t until I was hiking barefoot for the final five miles of a hike—miserable, and with my useless, uncomfortable shoes in hand—that I began to consider the importance of what I put on my feet.  Nothing ruins a hike, dance, run, or any other activity quite like an improper, uncomfortable, poorly chosen pair of shoes. On my most recent hike, I spent hours choosing a new pair of shoes that would make my hike significantly less miserable, and discovered how vast the shoe world really is.  It can be overwhelming if you are unsure of what you need to look for, so there are...

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