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So we’ve raved about hammocks in Egypt, danced about hammocks in caves, and jigged about hammocks on ships…but we literally fell out the side of our DoubleNests at hammocks on a homemade raft! A raft you say? Not just any raft! This self-made raft, fashioned out of old floor boards from a school room, boasted a fire pit and FOUR ENO hammock hanging stations for paddling and sleeping. We wish we could say we dreamed this up in our very own research and development department, but we have four very brave, very cool ENOvators to thank for this piece epic hammocking history – Kendall Edkins, Brian Blass, Rob Wilson and Justin Kenney. The guys sailed for 3 days down the Connecticut River that forms the border of New Hampshire and Vermont. They ate, slept and laughed on the raft; the only thing they went to shore for was, err, you know (number 2s!). Don’t pollute the river guys! They fantastic four have more epic trips planned in the future, involving another raft expedition and a hammock inspired long trail hike. Maybe even a winter hammock trip! In the meanwhile, head over to our FB page and join the conversation about...

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