On a recent trip to Alaska, I found myself pondering over the finer points of adventure—this is always a good sign that your trip is going well. I’ve had thoughts like these before. Usually, they drift into my mind after a long day of awesomeness. Sometimes they find me while I’m staring into the flames of a campfire. This time, the thought sprang into my mind right after a chocolate lab named, Nali (short for Denali) bolted out from the brush and onto the trail—nearly sending me over the handlebars of my mountain bike. A friend of mine had invited me to join his family—and his dog—to go rock climbing in Archangel Valley. The destination required that we bike in on a dirt road, then hike down among a series of small lakes and streams where a nice little top rope situation was waiting for us. Nali, on the other hand, didn’t care what we had planned. She had her own adventure to find. As I watched this playful animal dart in and out of the ferns and fireweed that grew along the trail, I couldn’t help but notice how much fun she appeared to be having. This kind of...

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