Swing your partner ’round and ’round and promenade across the ground! September is International Square Dancing Month; and since its beginning in the days of early America, square dance has been a popular pastime and excuse to party hard in the barn. It was brought over from New England with the first settlers in the form of folk dances, which included the quadrille, jigs, reels, and the minuet. Early American colonists worked hard during the week building their community and homes in the formerly-untouched woods. When Saturday evening came, they would all get together for a dance in the community center. As their settlements grew and became more and more diverse, so did their dances. Eventually, there were too many dances for everyone to memorize. So, instead of memorizing all of the steps to every different dance, they began using callers (or prompters) to give out cues while they danced. Calling actually became an art of sorts, and prompters would build a repertoire of their own unique jargon and cue sayings. Many prompters would even come up with their own routines and teach them to the community. This is how square dancing with a square dancing caller was developed. Fun...

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