The average American spends over four hours per day on the Internet, be it on laptops, smartphones or tablets, according to Statista. Like it or not, the web has become a necessary part of many Americans’ lives. Even people who love the outdoors are looking to stay connected. Whether you’re on an extended camping trip or hunting excursion, checking email and social media accounts is still necessary for some. But, if your smartphone is not picking up a signal, there are other ways you can get Internet. Here are four options to consider.   Cantennas This DIY hack strengthens open Wi-Fi signals that your computer picks up, but can’t connect to because it’s too weak. You can buy all the cantenna parts separately and put them together, or buy a full kit. You’ll need a metal can (preferably an empty soup can), an N connector, brass rod or thick copper wire, a USB wireless adapter and a pigtail cable. There are several videos on YouTube that give detailed instructions on how to put one together. If done correctly, it should speed up and strengthen weak connections.   Tethering Tethering means that you are using your smartphone as a hotspot to...

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