The world of kayak fishing has grown a lot over the last few years as I see more and more paddlers on the water every time I go out. Kayak fishing tournaments are popping up everywhere and the kayaking community as a whole is sparking a lot of interest even with people who have little experience with kayaks or fishing. I am asked pretty frequently, “You fish from a kayak?” or, “What kind of kayak should I get?” To answer questions that many have when being introduced to kayak fishing, here are some of the basics that will get you in a kayak and landing some fish!   1. “What kind of kayak should I get?” Your background will determine how you should answer this question. If you have a background in fishing and are looking to get a fishing kayak, I would recommend getting a kayak that fits your fishing style and needs. I wanted to stand and fish and cover a lot of water, which led me to the Jackson Kayak line of fishing kayaks. If you want a recreational kayak, your options will seem unlimited. Call some kayak shops in your area about their next demo day...

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