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Fishing is an excellent way to bond with your kids while soaking in some quality outdoor time. But younger kids can’t always handle all of the complexities of fishing. The good news? You can ensure that you — and your children — get the most out of every fishing outing if you keep their ages in mind and make a plan.   Toddlers & Preschoolers: Along for the Fun Taking a child under 5 fishing is an exercise in patience — it’s less about actual fishing and more about manipulating and interacting with the outdoors. Most importantly, make sure you’re prepared for your little fishing companion to want to splash, throw rocks, paint with mud and catch frogs instead of fishing. There aren’t many preschoolers who would be content to sit around waiting for a bite, and you’ll probably really regret it if you try. In fact, you’ll probably do most (if not all) of the fishing duties, and you’ll also likely stick close to home instead of planning a full-fledged vacation that centers around fishing. Look for small ponds or rivers with easy access for the best results. However, even the littlest guys can have some fishing success, especially...
We’ve become a sitting society. Drive around the neighborhood the next time there is a snow day or teachers’ conferences and see how few kids are out riding bikes or playing in the yard. Computer games, coupled with parental concerns about safety, keep many kids indoors. But don’t worry! Here are a few solutions for transforming your outdoors space into a playground.
When Mum and Dad love outdoor activities, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as raising children who are equally enthusiastic about getting out of the city and into the great outdoors. However, it’s not always as easy as planning a camping trip and expecting your kids to love it. Sometimes, their estimation of fun looks quite a bit different than ours does. Even so, there are a few crafty strategies that parents can use to bring up outdoor-loving children. Read on for a few tips.    Limit screen time This may make you the least popular parent in the neighborhood (at least according to your children), but limiting idle time spent in front of television, smart phone, tablet and computer screens is going to make the kids feel bored. That’s a good thing. Boredom breeds creativity and action. It drives us outdoors and prompts us to plan games and activities. It’s so easy to cave on this one, but the results justify your own gentle stubbornness. Whether you allow a certain number of hours of screen time per day or set aside certain hours of the day when screen time of any sort is allowed (probably easier), your kids are likely to...

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