With more people getting out and enjoying our wild places, there is increased impact on the places we travel. As good steward of our public lands we need to take steps to reduce our impact and take care of the places we play. Hammocks are a prime examples of minimum impact shelters.  When used with appropriate, tree friendly suspension systems, hammocks don’t alter the natural environment. The smaller our footprint, the less likely we are to impact existing plant and wildlife.
Going backpacking is not at all about the destination; it’s about the journey. Understanding how to make that journey about your surroundings and not about the aching and discomfort is essential to any backpacking trip, so here are some tips: Partner/Friends: Find a group of friends that you are close with and that are willing to get dirty. Traveling through the countryside is also an excellent way to get closer with people so don’t be afraid to go with people that you don’t know that well. The most important part of finding a group is ensuring that everyone is well prepared and willing to allot the time to travel. If it’s your first time, find some friends that are experienced. The experience will go a long way and will help everyone to have a more enjoyable trip in general. Destination If it’s your first time, pick a place that is well mapped, has plenty of water, and is not too hilly. Make sure that it’s not too far away and be sure to have a plan if anything becomes too burdensome. Pick a place with plenty of overlooks, waterfalls, and sights to see. It will make the trip much more...
Do you want to lay on the cold hard ground or lay in a nice comfy hammock? A nice comfy hammock? Cold hard ground? Tell me more they say. Well, why don’t I show you what you’re missing?
Take a moment to think back to your favorite outdoor experience that you have ever had… What made that experience special?  Was it a certain place or location? A scenic vista?  The people that you were with?  A combination of these things?

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