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What comes after King’s Day and before Ash Wednesday? Mardi Gras! French for “Fat Tuesday” today is the day to give into your indulgences and parade in the streets. Mardi Gras precedes the practice of lent; however regardless of your religious orientation, it’s a day to have fun. You won’t be the only one rejoicing this Fat Tuesday, because Mardi Gras is widely celebrated across the globe. So we hope ENOpians everywhere today hammock on and party hard!   Traditional King’s Cake Originally brought to the American Gulf Coast  by French and Spanish influences, King’s Cake is generally a baked ring of twisted cinnamon dough topping with icing and green, gold, and purple sugar crystals. Watch out though…because in every King’s Cake there is one plastic baby baked into it. If you’re the lucky person to eat (or almost eat rather) the trinket, then you become responsible for hosting next year’s Mardi Gras party.   Bead Me! The first Mardi Gras “beads” were sugar-coated almonds, or “dragees,” thrown around the 1840s. However a different legend cites a krewe queen who surprisingly tossed her pearl necklace into the crowd.   Mardi Gras is Old Actually Mardis Gras has been celebrated long...

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