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What does it take to mold an idea or a passion into a successful business? Hard work? Perseverance? Organization? All those are undoubtedly necessary qualities, but we believe it takes a little something else as well, and that something else would be, “help”. Help in the form of feedback, capital, publicity, or even inspiration. A new business needs support in order to become successful and in turn help others. Here at Monumental Media we consist of three members, Brendan Babinski, Lex Hollenbeck, and Hunter Wilson. Collectively we have created a humanitarian and environmentally based video marketing company, located in Midland, Michigan. Recently we launched our campaign titled “Reserved Grounds”; the mission is to travel cross-country providing professional commercials for national and state parks. Our motivation is to capture their natural and breathtaking beauty, so our audience will be inspired to attend and support the Parks. Our final goal is to raise attendance and revenue for both State and National Parks. This endeavor will take months to complete and during this time, the Monumental Media team will be experiencing outdoor living at it’s best, tenting from Michigan to Colorado and back. During this trip our team also will make videos for...
Featured on’s July 23, 2011 issue, “Travel.” Learn more about ENO’s DoubleNest Hammock HERE.
Featured in Urban Climber Magazine’s May 2011 issue, “Letter!” Learn more about our ENO DoubleNest Hammock HERE.
Featured in Backpacker Magazine’s April 2011, “Gear Guide.”   The ENO ProNest is now retired.  Looking for a lightweight hammock for your next hammock camping trip?  Check out the Sub6 Hammock. 
Featured in Women’s Adventure Magazine’s Spring 2011 issue. Learn more about the OneLink Hammock System HERE.  Check out all of ENO’s Shelter Systems HERE.

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