NOTE FROM ENO – Kara Kirtley volunteered to visit Haiti with Visiting Orphans, an organization that sends mission teams to work with children and communities in 12 countries around the world. We donated a few hammocks to Visiting Orphans to use for their volunteers and the children that they meet along the way. Hammocking in Haiti.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? When I heard that was exactly what I’d be doing, I was over the moon excited. Last fall, I signed up for my first mission trip to visit Haiti through Visiting Orphans out of Nashville.  My team would leave at the end of December to work with Grace so Amazing Ministries in the rural town of Mirebalais, about an hour north of Port-au-Prince.  While there, we’d be working with the impoverished in local villages, including ministering to orphans who live in the street. I knew the trip would be difficult and it would be hard adjusting to life in a third world country, and knowing I’d have my familiar Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock to sleep in at night gave me peace of mind and something to look forward to.     I work at a...

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