Over its 14-year history, Eagles Nest Outfitters, Asheville, NC has established a following of loyal outdoor enthusiasts. The company’s brightly colored hammocks offer a unique way to rest after a long day on the trail or a lightweight alternative to a tent for overnight shelter.
Marrying technology with outdoor adventure, Eagles Nest Oufitters introduces ‘ENOpia: All Points of Relaxation’ to the Apple Marketplace. Asheville, NC – July 23, 2013 – Spending a decade perfecting outdoor parachute hammocks and pushing the limits of hammock accessories, the creative minds behind ENO turn their attention towards their cell phones, announcing the release of ENOpia v2.0, their first mobile application. Updated from the original ENOpia mobile app released in 2012, ENOpia v2.0 is a mobile tracking application that allows hammock lovers all across the globe to record and share their adventures and favorite outdoors spots. It utilizes Apple Maps and GPS technology, locating users automatically to streamline their experience and explore unchartered areas of relaxation. With the ability to store an image collection and roam the ‘ENOpia’ map, the App breaks the mold for the 14-year-old company who has until recently only made physical outdoor products. “We’ve noticed the counter culture behind the hammock lifestyle and the stoke for the hammocking community and we wanted to create a platform for it to develop further,” said Peter Pinholster, president and co-owner of ENO. “Hammocking has turned global and we want to help connect everybody.” Since the release of v1.0 in...

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