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Happy New Year ENOpians! To celebrate the first post of 2012, we thought we’d give you a few ENO-related suggestions for popular New Year’s Resolutions, according to 1) Drink Less Alcohol While being a very common New Year’s Resolution, it is also a very important one! According to, drinking less alcohol keeps “your heart and liver healthy and reduce(s) your risk of alcoholism. Drinking less can also give you a chance to branch out and explore healthier activities with friends and loved ones.” To help you out, you could start drinking more of other things, like tasty juices and good-for-you sports drinks. What could make it even better is getting your very own ENO Liberty Water Bottle so you can look good while drinking good! 2) Eat Healthy Food This is a very sensible New Year’s Resolution! To get some ideas and motivation as to how to get started, check out ENO sponsored Compass Green’s Web site. Compass Green is a mobile education project that knows all there is to know about sustainable agriculture and the right way to eat and live. Not only this, but they drive around the country in an awesome greenhouse truck. They were...

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