From atop the mountains looking down, they look like white serpents slithering through the landscape. On the ground walking through them, they feel like the surface of the sun.  That is where I am now, walking over millions of smooth white stones of a nearly dry riverbed. Mountains rise steeply to my right and left as we make our way through the valley.  Periodically, Frantz and I hop from rock to rock, crossing over what’s left of the river.  The heat from the blazing sun is almost intolerable, yet around us the riverbed is full of activity: men, women, and children bathing, people washing their clothes, kids playing.  As we walk, we pass dozens of people on their way to school, church, the market, or some other venture.  Many of them are carrying fish, leading goats, hauling lumber either on their backs or on donkeys, mules, and the occasional horse.  “Como ou ye?” I say to a man as he smiles at me.  “Mwen pa pi mal.” he replies in Creole.  I smile back and continue on my way. Scenes like this stretch all over the Sud-Est Region/Department of Haiti.  During the rainy season and especially during a hurricane, rain...

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