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Recently Boy Scout Troop 700 from Ashland, Virginia paid an action packed visit to North Carolina’s historical Frying Pan Tower. The Frying Pan Tower is a Coast Guard Light Station B&B located 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina that is being restored and has opened as a unique bed and breakfast. The experience has been described as a cross between renting a beach house and camping–just out in the middle of no where. The boys had the opportunity to help out on the Frying Pan Tower, do some snorkeling and sleep on the helipad in their hammocks! Watch the video below to see the highlights of Troop 700’s Frying Pan Tower experience. A little restoration work, some snorkeling and a lot of history.     Some Frying Pan Tower History Frying Pan Tower is in the southernmost end of the feared “Graveyard of the Atlantic” which stretches up to the northern end of the Outer Banks of N.C.  The shallow waters of the shoals (only 35-50 feet under the Tower) made ship navigation treacherous so in 1854 a lightship was stationed there. For 110 years, except for a few years during The War Between the States and WWII, crews manned the...

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