According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 16.6 million people experienced identity theft in 2012. Meanwhile the Insurance Information Institute warns that burglars see vacations as an opportunity to break into empty homes. Going off the grid on a wilderness hike or camping trip should be a relaxing experience, but leaving yourself vulnerable to crime and an emergency can derail your vacation before it even gets started. Fortunately, taking some precautions can pave the way for a stress-free vacation.   Home Security Leaving your home empty can be unsettling without proper security in place. Arm your house with a reputable home security company like ADT. Tell the company about your plans, and give the dates and emergency contact information for a family member in case there’s an issue at your house. Ask a neighbor to pick up flyers and newspapers from your driveway and temporarily stop your mail with the Post Office. Invest in a timer to turn lights on and off throughout your house to give the impression that someone’s home. If you’re still feeling vulnerable about leaving your home empty, arrange for a house sitter or friend to crash there while you’re gone.   Financial Monitoring Don’t get...
Hardcore environmentalists and Greenpeace activists were once the only campground guests to talk about “going green”, “carbon footprints” and being “off the grid”. Today, those terms are common for anyone who feels global warming is upon us, as well as those who want to reduce costs at the fuel pump.

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