While you’re packing your vehicle for the next weekend camping expedition, take a minute and consider the route you’ll be taking. How much impact will you have and are you prepared for the trail?   We’ve all seen the signs at the trailhead and heard the mantra of responsible off roading, Some of us have even witnessed the ramifications of not following the “Stay the Trail”, “Leave no Trace” and “Pack it Out” mottos. Why is it that we continue to see trails closed or trash left behind? Fire pits full of unburned trashed or unburnable waste. Are we loving the outdoors too much? Responsible trail use whether on two wheels or four is paramount to keeping trails open and available for all to enjoy. Off highway is vastly different from off trail. Off-highway refers to traveling off the paved roads but staying on the trail. Crossing water only at designated fords, avoiding sensitive areas and never disturbing historical areas. Off trail means damaging the flora and fauna that we all go out to enjoy. It also destroys historical landmarks and the natural beauty that Mother Nature spent millions of years to create.   Protecting our natural resources and sharing...

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