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When you think of hobbies, knitting, puzzle solving and collecting may come to mind. But try thinking outside the box—or better yet, think outside the house. Opt for an action-packed hobby like hunting, whitewater rafting, or climbing to pass the time. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time adventure seeker, these hobbies will satisfy your yearning for the outdoors.   Hunting Join more than 13 million hunters by picking up the sport of hunting as your next pastime. From outings in the desert to excursions in the deep woods, hunting offers plenty of unique opportunities to explore the outdoor world around you. There are plenty of reasons to hunt. It’s good for the environment by helping to control wildlife population, and American hunters contribute to the economy through the purchase of gear, goods, and travel costs. The U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that hunters contribute $200 million each year to support wildlife conservation across America. Hunting is also a sustainable way to attain natural foods that are totally unprocessed. Before you take to the mountains, be sure to complete a state-specific online hunter education course. You’ll learn the basics of hunting and firearm safety, all from the...

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