When preparing yourself for a few weeks or even months on the road, oftentimes the hardest part, even more than planning the details of where you’ll go, is what to take. Certainly for me, I kept finding new and essential items to have in my bag. Each time I walked into REI, I’d walk out with another few hundred dollars’ worth of stuff I just HAD to have. Each article I’d read on the subject would list endlessly new ‘must haves’. So what really are the key elements to deciding what to take? First, determine what your trip intends to accomplish. Are you blogging? Are you a photographer? Is it a spiritual journey? Is it just for fun? Once you’ve established your intended purpose, consider where you’re going and what climate you can expect. These analyses will help you focus on what’s meaningful, and what’s excess. Our goal? Pack as lightly as possible. Let’s start by creating a list of categories: Clothing Toiletries Gear Electronics Accessories Now we’ll look into each category. Trust me, you’ll list out more than you need. The best advice I’ve heard is this: Lay out what you’re going to take. Take half of it. Then double how much money...

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