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Have you ever had to take a car trip with your dog? You quickly realize that planning ahead and having the right accessories can really help make your dog happy and healthy during the trip. When I embarked on a cross country road trip with my dog, there were a few key items I brought and a few I wish I had known to bring! Here’s my list of must-haves for pet travel:   Collapsible Food and Water Bowl Get it Here. There are a lot of different varieties offered for food and water bowls, but I enjoyed this one because I could pack down the bowls and store them away during the long drive. I didn’t want something that would take up too much room but was still sufficient for my dog’s needs.   Collapsible Cage Get it Here. This came in handy on my trip when we visited my cousin’s house to stay overnight while we split the trip up. This cage packed easily into our vehicle and set up is a breeze. I suggest bringing an extra towel or a small dog bed for the dog to sleep on when in the cage.   Eno ReLeash Get it Here. ENO’s dog leash is made...
Happy World Animal Day! That’s right, today is a day to celebrate all our favorite furry, feathery and scaly friends! October 4th (today) was set aside as World Animal Day as it is the Feast Fay of St Francis of Assisi: the patron saint of animals.

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