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It’s true..we all love to lay around in our hammock, eat ice cream, and watch a whole Netflix TV series from start to finish. Enjoying some down time and a little R&R is essential for lowering your stress levels and preventing yourself from getting overwhelmed by the daily grind. But at the same time, being active is vital to your mental health. Countless studies have shown that being active produces positive emotions, which will benefit both your physical and mental health.   Why are positive emotions important? They help your long term well-being.  We become more resilient to adversity and become better able to achieve our goals. They increase personal skills.  Such as creativity, knowledge, resiliency, and social integration. They counteract negative emotions.  These negative emotions can have harmful effects, such as stress and anxiety.   Here are some ways that physical activity produces positive emotions… It allows to you to meet people and make friends.  Being social and building relationships is a great way to connect with people on a positive level. Sharing experiences, goals, and working out problems with friends and family will help you appreciate life and constructively work out any issues that you may be dealing with....

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