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We’ve become a sitting society. Drive around the neighborhood the next time there is a snow day or teachers’ conferences and see how few kids are out riding bikes or playing in the yard. Computer games, coupled with parental concerns about safety, keep many kids indoors. But don’t worry! Here are a few solutions for transforming your outdoors space into a playground.
One Last Summer Grill Bring it on, I’m talking chicken wings and home made margaritas. Don’t forget the watermelon. It’s still summer people.   Play on the Water Have you been wanting to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding all summer and havent gotten around to it? Get around to it, like this week.   That Epic Hammocking Spot That time when you saw those two trees, and you were like “I’m so going to come back and hammock here” — do it now and do it barefoot!   Sandals Let them dogs bark! Chacos for life!   Iced Coffee or Iced Anything Whether it’s your espresso on the rocks or an adult beverage. Sip on while your drink is icy and the sun is shining.   Go to the Beach Stop what you’re doing right now and go to the beach. We’ll meet you there. We’ll be glad we did it.

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