The Best Gear for the Worst Day (Popular Mechanics) “Block rain and sun–whichever is beating down–with this flexible ripstop tarp. Collapsible poles are included to make a lean-to and the set weighs just under three pounds. Before you pack up, know how to tie the half-hitch, bow-line, square, and slip knots so it doesn’t collapse in the middle of a storm (learn them at $135”   Unfortunately, the ENO FlexFly Utility Tarp is no longer available, but check out more ENO Rain Tarps HERE.
The first time you head out to camp with only your hammock, you may be slightly intimidated and wondering how well it is going to work and if you are going to get any sleep. There is one piece of gear that will help make your first trip successful. That piece of gear is the ENO DryFly. This packs down into its own sack and allows you to pack it in your bag wherever your adventure takes you. Even if you don’t expect rain, having a covering over you when you hammock helps keep off bugs, leaves and the morning dew. I like the DryFly over the ProFly because it secures down in two more spots than the ProFly which makes it more stable and gives you a little more coverage. The first time I set it up, I learned a few tricks that helped and some items that you need to have with you to make it work properly. It took me about 15 minutes to set this up the first time since I had to orient myself to the process and do some trial and error. It does help to have a partner to set this up with,...

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