Hometown Hideaways is a series of blogs featuring top places to hammock around the U.S. This time we're in Florida! Each guide is curated by outdoor enthusiasts who live, work, and play in the region, sharing their insights and experiences on where to hang your hammock and enjoy the great outdoors.
We interviewed our product team to get a behind-the-scenes look at the development and creation of our newest backyard hammock product line: the SuperNest™ Hammock, Apollo™ Hammock Straps, and SoloPod™ XL Stand.
Do you find yourself at work constantly looking down?  It might be at your glaring computer screen, your phone, the copier, your notebook, iPad, or so many other things.  We get stuck not taking in the things around us, but constantly isolated to our own space.  After a long day in the office, being outside can help you rest, relax and refocus. When we get outside, everything changes.  One of the first things I think you should do is look up.  By simply looking up, you are taken out of your current situation and you begin looking at something so much bigger than yourself.  It is a freeing experience that always brings my day back into perspective. My favorite way to “look up” is in a SingleNest hammock. It is lightweight, packable and the set-up is incredibly easy.  If you have tried to set up a hammock in the past, you may have struggled with tying knots or finding the right distance between the trees.  With the Atlas Straps, all the tough work is eliminated.  Just wrap them around the tree and you will find yourself with tons of hooks to get the exact right “hang” you desire!  Set up time...
We all know you can take a gratifying nap in a hammock, but what about making better friends? Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), the leading provider of packable travel hammocks, and Lyon College say chances are you can.
In the third part of a hammock study series by Lyon College’s Psychology Department, hammocks were found superior than office chairs for boosting moods and emotions. School has begun, but does that mean studying in hammocks should too? Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO,) the leading provider of ingeniously crafted parachute hammocks, and Lyon College think so. In the third part of a series of studies examining student’s moods and emotions while completing cognitive tests in, and out of, a hammock, they found studying in hammocks reduces negative emotions and increases relaxation. The experiment, developed by Lyon’s Psychology faculty, surveyed approximately 40 participants during the 2014 spring semester. The participants were administered a survey assessing their current emotional state and level of relaxation, and were then randomly assigned to either an ENO hammock or an office chair. They then studied for 15 minutes using identical study guides before being assessed again for relaxation and emotional levels. Finally, the participants completed the cognitive tests they studied for (seated in an office chair) and were assessed for a third time on their emotional state and level of relaxation. The final data, collected by Lyon College students serving as research assistants, found remarkably similar results...
Featured in DigBoston‘s article, “Adventure Starts Here:  Relaxation” *The ENO DoubleNest Hammock w/ Insect Shield is no longer available, but check out all of our other hammocks HERE!

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