A stay in a houseboat is like having a well-stocked RV right on top of a beautiful lake. Inside, you’re likely to find everything you’d find in a typical vacation rental including a kitchen, living room and many luxury appliances such as a dish washer, stereo system, TV and DVD player.
The start of summer means it’s time to splash down and cool off. Where’s the best place to take a nice dip to cool off and relax? We’ve already read why a lake is a better swimming choice than a pool. But what about a river or the ocean? Over the next 3 weeks I’ll talk about 3 different scenarios and determine which swimming destination is the best. For this week, here are 5 reasons why I’d pick a river over a lake to go swimming. Before I go any further, I’d like to put a disclaimer that when I’m talking about a river, I’m talking about the kind where there are no boats allowed. That just wouldn’t be smart swimming in the middle of a river where boats are flying around as well. More relaxing: What can be more relaxing that floating down a river in an inner tube? Exactly, I can’t really think of anything else either. When it comes down to choosing between floating in place in a lake or floating down the river, sipping on a cold drink, I’m picking the river. And, of course, there are lots of perfect places to hang your hammock. No boats: Like...

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