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Growing up I ran the urban streets and tracks of St.Louis, Missouri, but eventually running became something I had to do and not something I wanted to do. I stopped running shortly after this. About a year later, I discovered trail running and rediscovered my love for running. When I first started trail running though, I was shocked with just how difficult and exhausting it was. I say this not to discourage but to make you aware that the first time you try this you may get discouraged too. Here are some trail running tips I wish I knew before I hit the trails. 1. Safety Making sure you are safe is one of the most important things you should do when trail running. A good rule of thumb is never trail run alone. Invite a friend or have your furry friend tag along. I do understand though that running with someone else isn’t always entirely possible. Just be sure to tell someone when and where you are going. You never know what may encounter on the trail and it’s always a good idea to have a safety backup. Be as prepared as possible. I compiled some questions to ask...
***NOTE FROM ENO:  This is part 1 of a 5-part series about how to stay active in the outdoors through flatland training – essentially, training for the mountains without actually being in the mountains.*** Training is an essential aspect of any sport. You can’t simply run a marathon without ever having trained for one in your life. Your body would not know how to react, and you would have had to develop the mental toughness to take on that long of a run. The same goes for any other sport like hiking, mountain biking, climbing, etc. You need to train “outside” your sport. However, if you live in a flat state such as Florida (like yours truly), but want to spend some time in the mountains, you’re going to be in for a fitness shock. So how can you build up the strength and endurance to do some physical activities in the mountains if your state doesn’t allow for you to train in the mountains? You make up your own training regimen to fit that style. Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be posting a new idea each week on how to make the most of your training when you’re...

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