“The physician heals, nature makes well.” – Aristotle Japanese culture brings us many interesting and useful words of wisdom. Mizu ni nagasu, translated literally “Let flow in the water”, means to forgive and forget (your trouble is water under the bridge, so to speak).  Saru mo ki kara ochiru, “Even monkeys fall from trees”, teaches us that nobody is perfect – even experts make mistakes. Anzuru yori umu ga yasushi, “Giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it”, advises that fear is always greater than the actual danger. And perhaps the truest of them all:  Onna sannin yoreba kashimashii, “If three women visit, noisy”, teaches us that when a group of women gathers, it is indeed noisy. It is from the vast wisdom of the Japanese that the concept shinrin-yoku originates. This phrase literally translates to “forest bathing” or spending time in nature for the sake of your health. Japanese doctors are actually prescribing hanging out in the woods to improve mental health, because it encourages creativity flow, jumpstarts your brain and generally helps you feel super good. Taking meditative walks through the woods combines motion with relaxation, allowing you to energize your body while exploring nature’s health-improving and...

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