Here in the U.S., every item we buy in a store is tracked down to the penny. If the cash register is off by just a few cents at the end of the day, someone could be in real Barney [that’s trouble]. Our system of fixed price items ensures equality, and gives all shoppers the confidence that they are paying the same price as the person standing next to them. While that’s great and all, bargaining can be really fun…especially when you “win”. Unfortunately it just isn’t in our culture, and can even be seen as rude or offensive in some circumstances. Luckily for us , there are still parts of the world that rely on this old school way of doing business. So put your poker face on, and read our handy-dandy tips below about how to master the art of bargaining.     1. SHOP AROUND Walking through the markets, you will see a bracelet that you just, “OMG can’t live without.” Well, lucky for you, there are probably 17 other stalls in that market that are selling the same exact piece of jewelry. You want to be in control in this bargaining game though, so poke around and do a little research on what the typical...

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