This will be the last homework free weekend for many college goers around the country. Holiday break is officially over and starting Monday, students everywhere will get a fresh start with a new semester. I’m sure you all totally got this and you’ll be returning to classes in style with your new kicks, ready to start essay assignments the day they are assigned. However I have a few pieces of unsolicited advice to share with you. Eye Contact This is a trick I personally developed, less like a trick more like good manners–but check it out. So at the end of class, like the last few minutes, when your professor is trying to squeeze the few details about the latest homework assignment in, just sit quietly, make eye contact, and listen. You will notice that you are one of the few people doing so. Most students during the last three minutes of class are packing their books, checking the time, and texting who they will meet after class. Your professor has a bird’s eye view from the front. If you’re patiently paying attention in a sea of shuffling millennials, you will be noticed as a stand up person. Visit...

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