So you’re snowed in. Your driveway is too slick to get your car out and conditions aren’t quite yet right for sledding. Don’t be so quick to grab the the chips and Netflix, there are still plenty of fun things to do inside with the added excitement of flurries piling up outside your window.   1. Build a Blanket Fort We’ve all done it when we were kids and I promise you, you’re never too old to make a blanket fort. (Warning: most of these ideas are messy, so just give into it now.) Tear up your living room, pull out those Twilights, and begin creating your fortress.   2. Hammock Indoors Hammock indoors people! With an Indoor Hanging Kit, it’s easy to make your ENO a part of your favorite room. Post up next to your favorite window and watch the snow fall from the comfort of your warm, dry hammock. It also makes for a great “guest bedroom” if you happened to have a few stragglers snowed in with you.   3. Make Hot Chocolate & Pancakes Now, this may seem very specific, but trust me. Hot chocolate and pancakes are definitely the way to go when it’s...
*** Note from ENO – We all know that sometimes snow can stifle your hammocking style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and play! Who knows, maybe a quick hammock can be squeezed in after all…*** Sunday morning, my roommates and I stuck our heads out the front door and saw that about a foot of snow had accumulated.  Something within us sparked, and we got the sudden urge to shovel the entire driveway.  So, we threw on snow pants, jackets, hats and gloves and ran outside into the frozen tundra.  We were all very excited to get started on our mission at hand. You’d think that we would have known how difficult it would be. You’d also think that we would have owned a snow shovel. Step 1:  Gather Shoveling Utensils We opted for a couple baking sheets, a Frisbee, a frying pan and our neighbor’s snow shovel. Step 2:  Shovel for 20-30 Minutes Remember:  Start at the highest point of the driveway and shovel your way down. Step 3:  Rest You just had a good, solid run.  Relax for a bit. Step 4:  Shovel for 10 Minutes Switch up shoveling utensils so you don’t get bored....
As the number of days sitting behind desk dwindle before the holiday break, the number of winter hammocking dreams grow! But hammocking in cold weather is no picnic in the park.

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