Winter is coming; and for avid outdoor lovers, this means snow camping. For many people, regular camping might sound rugged enough. But for extreme campers who love to push the limits, snow camping is a great way to enjoy the icy beauty of winter. Aside from Antarctica, some of the most gorgeous spots to snow camp include: Yosemite National Park, California Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon Susquehannock Trail System in the Allegheny Mountains, Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail White River National Forest, Colorado If you are a seasoned winter camper or an intrepid first timer preparing to take on the snow, here are some essentials to purchase and pack in preparation for your spectacular trip…   BYOS (Bring Your Own Shelter) If you’re not building an igloo, and you don’t plan on sleeping in the snow like a sled dog, then you probably want to pack a good tent. With a ground cloth spread out below, a tent can help you stay dry and warm throughout the night. Before pitching the tent, you will want to use your boots, skis or snowshoes to pack and flatten an area that is roughly twice as big as your tent’s bottom. Then make sure...

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