With fall comes cooler weather. With cooler weather comes cooler ocean water for us surfers. On the west coast, they’re used to cold water since they have cold water current (California Current). However, it’s typically a bit of a shock for us on the East Coast who enjoy the warm water current (Gulf Stream) when the water goes from a warm 80+ degree bath to a brisk 70 degrees and even below 50 during the dead of winter. More consistent and powerful surf always keeps surfers in the water during the frigid fall and winter months, so a wetsuit is a necessity if you don’t want to catch hypothermia. Here are some of the most common styles to choose from: Spring suit: This wetsuit is generally best suited for the beginning of fall and the middle of spring (where it gets its name). They typically have short sleeves on your arms and legs so you’re not burning up when the water is first starting to cool off or starting to warm up. I use a spring suit when it’s in the mid 60’s-mid 70’s. When it gets above the mid 70’s, it’s time for just plain ole’ board shorts....

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