According to a recent article by The College Store Magazine, more than 30% of fall 2012’s freshmen said that they felt stressed and overwhelmed during their last year of high school. Researchers say that this stress could very likely continue through their first year of college. So what’s a hard-working student to do?! Relaxation products are a great tool that students can use to unwind whenever they have a break between classes and during a late night study session. And one of the best relaxation products is a hammock!   Here are 6 ways that hammocks can help as student de-stressor: 1. Gets You Outside.  When you think hammock, you automatically think of being outside, under a tree, feeling the breeze float over you. Hammocking is a great way to get you outside, which is beneficial in many ways. For one, open spaces allow you more opportunities to boost your health. Going outside is exercise in itself, and exercise is a natural mood enhancer. Finding that perfect spot to hang your hammock will get your body moving and being out in the fresh air will do your mind a world of good. Being outside also allows you to socialize, and social...

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